Swiss Gear SA1753 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack Review

Swiss Gear SA1753 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack Review

Hi friend and welcome to our review on the Swiss Gear SA1753 TSA ScanSmart Backpack.

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In this review we will share with you the most important pros and cons of the Swiss Gear SA1753 Backpack, the main features of it, useful details that you should know before you purchase it and some helpful comments from customers that we have found on the web.

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Short Description And Useful Details of SA1753 ScanSmart Laptop Backpack

Description Of The Swiss Gear SA1753 ScanSmart Backpack

The Swiss Gear SA1753 TSA ScanSmart was designed to make airport travel a breeze and it is especially designed for 17-inch laptops.

Thanks to its ScanSmart Technology you no longer have to take out your laptop just to be checked. Simply open the back flap and lay this flat for easy scanning. This backpack also allows your laptop to stay detectable while going through scanning.

The laptop sleeve is well padded to ensure your device is protected and it’s fitted with an adjustable padded strap to secure various sized laptops in place.

The Swiss Gear SA1753 offers different compartments to hold different items and it has a sunglasses holder, water bottle pocket, mobile phone or mp3 pocket, and other accessory pockets. The carabiner is a convenient piece to hang your keys.

The Swiss Gear SA1753 TSA ScanSmart Backpack weighs approximately 4 pounds and it measures 7.5 inches x 12.5 inches x 18 inches.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of This Backpack?

The Pros

  • People love how spacious it is and the presence of many pockets for holding various items.
  • The SA1753 makes airport travelling a lot easier because you no longer have to take out your laptop just to submit it for security checking.
  • It appears to be well made and can stand any handling abuse.
  • It is a versatile backpack. It is not only good for traveling, but people could also use it for school, work, and other purposes.
  • Its durability, convenient design, and many great features more than justify its retail price.
  • Well, we have to say that the SA1753 really looks sexy and stylish.
  • It is not bulky despite being roomy.

The Cons

  • There are a few consumers who had issues with the zipper.
  • Although it is marketed as a backpack for 17-inch laptops, some consumers have trouble fitting in their 17-inch laptop into this.
  • A few people feel that the fabric used for this backpack feels too thin.
Innerside of the backpack

Our Conclusion

The Swiss Gear SA1753 TSA ScanSmart Backpack is a great option for everyone who’s tired of carrying a separate bag for their 17-inch laptops. This is made from tough fabric materials, which we think could last for many years.

Another thing we like about the SA1753 is that it fits so much. It provides dedicated pockets for different items and it really saves you time and the trouble when going through security lines.

It’s not without flaws but those flaws aren’t really enough reasons for you to steer clear from this backpack.

Overall, this is a great option for frequent travelers that are looking for a great value for money backpack…
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